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DC12V to AC 220V   200W--2000W

DC-AC inverter is device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), and supply AC power from DC supply sources. Cheerly Power produces a range from 200W to 2000W covering daily life usages. With advance technology, our inverters have the characteristics of Full power, Multiple protections, soft start, turbo cooling, high efficiency and low  interference.


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Cheerly Power products offer reliability, safety and durability using the latest technology. Our highly experienced team applies their expert knowledge in materials, process capabilities and advanced technology, to make you a convenient life with a green environment.

Cheerly Power Products offer a diverse range of products and service including OEM and ODM from research, development, packaging design and sourcing to production and exportation. Trusted for 8 years, Cheerly Power provides exceptional customer service and quality products which are delivered as expected and on time.

We deliver innovative, high efficiency and full power products in a broad range of applications to user's daily life.

We specialize in Modified Sine wave inverters and PWM solar charge controllers.

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